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Prices and Services

Babysitting service
(Agency fees in Berlin)

time Price* per hour
from 4 hours (max 2 children) care at home from 38,– Euro
activities, accompanying service (max 2 children) from 48,– Euro
Overnight and travel service on request
Hotel and business service on request
Event and playroom supervision/kids club on request




Hotel and apartment service

We have separate prices for the hotel service. You can find out more at: +49(0)40003400




Nanny & Travel-Service

Support in all situations: from the dentist or court date to vacation. Also delivery service between school, daycare, sports and parents.




Toy rental

Don't have any toys or activities on site? No problem, we'll bring what you need: pens, paper, books, games, toys, painting and handicraft materials. Talk to us. The rental or purchase fee depends on the type and scope. A transport fee may apply. The flat-rate transport fee within Berlin City usually costs usually €35.





Are you missing a bit of safety and security for the perfect day with your children? Forgot the blanket? Ouch, the hotel doesn't have a Baby crib? The child seat is in the car and the car is already moving again? No problem, we'll bring what you need. Talk to us. The rental or purchase fee depends on the type and scope. A transport fee may apply. (Special conditions during Corona time).




Pregnancy Readiness

Be safe with our standby service
Are you pregnant and need an experienced nanny to take care of your children day and night, or to be on call at home in an emergency? She cooks, takes care of the household and supports you and your family in everyday life.


According to your wishes, we will find you an experienced nanny from our team who meets your expectations. We will be happy to advise you and find the right nanny for your family.

Our pregnancy readiness service includes:

  • We guarantee that our on-call nannies are immediately available at all times
  • In case of actual need, you can reach the assigned nanny 24 hours a day
  • During the birth, our nannies can of course come to the hospital first and then bring your child to your home to be cared for there
  • In the event of an unexpected hospitalization our nanny is more than happy to attend to your child earlier than planned if available, otherwise we are happy to arrange a replacement
  • Of course, our nanny will carry out all tasks with due diligence
  • including: cooking, childcare and all basic requirements related to childcare on site, such as shopping, washing, moving, fetching and bringing to daycare/school, etc.
  • If you continue to need care after the birth, your child can be cared for longer than planned

Please reserve our on-call service at least 4 weeks before the planned date of birth, because this is the only way we can ensure that childcare is well planned.




Nanny-Job Placement

We are a babysitting agency for any emergency and limited time childcare requests. A nanny looks after your children at home on a daily basis. She looks after, plays and accompanies the children individually and according to the wishes of the parents. She takes care of the household and supports the family in everyday life.


Of course, we are also happy to assist you with nannies or long-term requests over a longer period of time, but we cannot promise you anything. Whether we can help you in this case depends very specifically on the time you have in mind and the available capacities.

For the placement of a nanny for permanent employment, we charge a a flat commission fee in the amount of EUR 350.00 including the statutory sales tax. With successful placement, i.e. conclusion of an employment contract, 12.5% of the average gross annual salary, in the case of shorter employment relationships 12.5% of the total gross salary, will be charged as a success fee to the client in addition to the flat-rate placement fee according to Section 8.1 of these General Terms and Conditions (GTC).

All details for the placement of a nanny for permanent employment by the client can be found in our terms and conditions.

In order to be able to advise you individually, simply send us your inquiries to or call us on +49(0)3040003400.


Please send your enquiries




*) Prices are per booking day and usually for care and supervision of one (up to max. two) children and depend on the individual effort. Our prices depend on effort and time. All prices for (private bookings) are final prices and already include the 19% statutory VAT, insurance and mediation for the respective booking day, as well as our work as a service agency. All supplements** extra. Our detailed terms and conditions can be found here. Orders over several days only on request. We will be happy to prepare an individual offer for you. Childcare costs can be claimed against tax - ask your tax advisor about this.




**) additional supplements:

  • Supplement for children, usually € 10 per hour, for each additional child
  • Travel expenses extra if travel is necessary. Usually in the Berlin city (A/B) usually a flat fee of € 15 per booking day during the day and from 10 p.m - 8 a.m o’clock € 25. Please ask for the individual costs for other distances.
  • For rebookings we charge a flat processing fee of 15 euros.
  • For last-minute bookings: within 3 working days, calls on weekends and public holidays and calls to the emergency service outside our office hours, an express surcharge of € 25 will be added. Book in advance during our opening hours, then it will be the most convenient for you.
  • Sunday and holiday surcharge: Bookings for Sundays and holidays as well as December 24 and 30 and January 01 and 02 are subject to a surcharge of 50% of the remuneration for the booked services. For New Year's Eve (31.12.) separate prices apply by agreement.
  • Hygiene surcharge € 2 per assignment, per employee